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Friday, the 7th of September, by rail from Vienna to Budapest.
Depart Vienna Westbahnhof 09.54 by RJ 49 arrive Budapest Keleti 12.49
Corinthia Grand Hotel Royal, Erzsebet Korut 43-40, 1073 Budapest.

Saturday and Sunday, the 8th and 9th of September.

Arriving in Budapest in the early afternoon enabled us to get a feel for what is a beautiful city. The following day after breakfast and whilst wondering how to plan our two days I spoke to one of the hotel managers. It transpired that he had a degree in politics and hotel management and knowing his city well we soon had a full schedule of places to visit. I have to say that without his assistance our visit to Budapest would have been much the poorer. Thank you, Imrie.

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a street off Erzsebet KorutErzsebet KorutErzsebet KorutErzsebet Korutthe OktogonBudapestBudapestErszebet KorutBudapestBudapestBudapestBudapestBudapestBudapestBudapestSt Stephen's BasilicaBudapestSt Stephen's BasilicaSt Stephen's BasilicaSt Stephen's Basilica