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Wednesday, 17 September, by train to Lauterbrunnen.
Depart Venezia Mestra 8.32 by Frecciabianca FB9710, arrive Milano Centrale 10.55, depart Milano Centrale 11.25 by Eurocity EC52, arrive Spiez 13.53, depart Spiez 14.33, arrive Interlaken Ost 14.57, depart Interlaken Ost 15.05, arrive Lauterbrunnen 15.25.
Our hotel for four nights was the Silberhorn, 3822 Lauterbrunnen.

Lauterbrunnen was chosen as our final destination for three reasons. The first being that we had stayed there three times before and had found the hotel to be excellent. The second that on any walk one is surrounded by stunning scenery. The third that the hotel has a first class restaurant which saves having to go out and find one which is quite an advantage after a hard day's walking. The digital soundtrack to this gallery starts with cow bells recorded on the walk to Murren and the sound of a small stream rushing down hill to become the Staubbachfalls. A group of walkers singing after eating their lunch completes the soundtrack. Despite much research I am unable to identify the song however I am advised that it is probably a folk song whose origin has been lost in the mists of time.

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Interlaken Oston our arrival, the view from our balconythe next day we walked to the village of Murrenthe narrow gauge linea panoramic viewin the distancemaking it's way to Murrena little blue sky at laston the track to Murrenlooking across the Lauterbrunnen valleyfollowing the contourspeviously seen from a distanceacross the valleythe rail linkabove WengenNorth Face of the Eigerjust an insignificant steamlooking backin the distancein the valley far below