Zenfolio | photographs by David... | The Lake District, November 2007 & October 2013

The English Lake District is not the easiest of places to photograph since it always seems to be raining. Walked by my wife and I since our teens, we spent our honeymoon here many years ago, and still to this day it's an enchanting and beautiful place to be. Now joined by pictures taken alongside the Solway Firth and in the village of Caldbeck, the old county of Cumberland is now a part of the gallery. The first photographs I took in November 2007 are at the top of the gallery, the last ones taken in October 2013 are at the bottom. Later visits to the Lake District now have their own galleries. Scrolling down the page will quickly take you to the most recent. This ensures that the photographs appear in their correct chronological order. Since the majority were taken whilst out walking the fells this will enable you to walk the Lake District with us and enjoy its beauty just as we did. For your enjoyment the music accompanying the slideshow is "Blue Sky" played by Kat Epple.
November 2007Crummock WaterCrummock WaterBorrowdaleMarch 2010 and little has changedBorrowdaleBorrowdaleBorrowdaleBorrowdaleBorrowdaleBorrowdaleBorrowdaleBorrowdaleBorrowdaleBorrowdaleBorrowdaleBorrowdaleBorrowdaleBorrowdaleBorrowdale