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Thursday, 11th September, by train to Lecce.
Depart Napoli Centrale at 8.17 by Regionalzug R24398, arrive Caserta at 9.00, depart Caserta at 9.15 by Frecciargento ES9355 and arrive Lecce at 13.32.
Our hotel for three nights was the 8piuhotel, Via dei Risorgimento, 73100 Lecce.

You will note that we had 15 minutes to make the connection for Lecce at Caserta. However the train from Napoli was a regional railways commuter train which stopped at many stations en-route and I had serious reservations about making the connection and there was no later train to Lecce that stopped at Caserta. Fortunately our Napoli taxi driver confirmed my doubts and took us direct to Caserta where we caught the Lecce train. Lorna has a deep mistrust of continental taxi drivers suspecting that we have been "ripped off" on more than one occasion. I can understand that. However my executive decision as Tour Manager was justified since as the Lecce train pulled out of Caserta the one from Napoli had yet to arrive.

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